Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stepping Outside the Zone... comfort zone that is. I'm still relatively new to this whole "digital thing" but I'm getting better at it. It's not that I haven't wanted to do any digital projects, it's just that I wasn't sure where to begin, and I truly have not had a great deal of extra time to play around with my My Digital Studio. After making the Tri-Shutter baby album in my last post, and some scrapbook pages (which I will post later) I started to really have fun with it, and now I'm "hooked" on it. I made this card in a matter of a few minutes, and it is completely digital. I have realized however, that I don't own enough My Digital Studio downloads, so I need to go shopping. I went through the My Digital Studio Catalog and created a pretty big wish list. Now I just need to prioritize, which could be a difficult task. :o) OK, back to creating! Thanks for visiting!

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