Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh baby!

I haven't been slacking again, honest. We have a baby in the house and she has been keeping me busy since the first of July. No, she's not ours. She belongs to our friends Joel and Gwen (you may remember this onsie card that I made for them a few months ago) and I am taking care of her during the day while her mom and dad are at work. She's just about the cutest little baby I've seen (excluding my own when they were babies of course), and although she's a very easy-going baby, it has still taken some adjustment, as it has been a little while since mine were this young. Anyway, I'm somewhat limited on time during the day now and I haven't done much for new projects, which is why I haven't really posted any. I'm still working on making cards from precut materials that I had left over from workshops. I've actually done lots of them, but many of them have been previously posted so while things are getting organized in my new space, it's not so great for blogging. I've also been working on product samplers and will have some information on those either this evening or tomorrow, so make sure that you check back. Thanks for visiting!

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